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FAQ, S      Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will I know that my reservation is confirmed?
You will receive a confirmation e-mail, which will contain the details of your reservation after it is confirmed.

2. I have reserved my transportation. Is there anything else I should do?
No, Absolutely nothing. You have received the conformation e-mail that was sent to you which contains the route, your name and all the details regarding your reservation. Simply keep the printed form of the email with you as it will be requested by the driver.

3. Will the CAR I have hired definitely wait for me? Will the driver recognize me?
At your arrival point (airport arrivals, ship exit, train platform etc.) there will be a driver waiting for you holding a sign with your name. Also, the driver will always have a mobile phone so that he can contact you should any irregular circumstances arise. This is the reason we ask for personal information during the reservation.

4. What if my plane or ship is delayed?
There is no reason to worry. No matter the delay, the driver will wait without any additional charge. We have an on-line connection to airport, and port information specifically for this reason. The tour will last, as the time you booked on the reservation form.

5. I want to select a destination that is not listed on your website. Can I?
Certainly. Simply send us an e-mail containing the destination and we will contact you within 24 hours with information regarding the cost and payment method.

6. There are five of us. Can we use one car?
Unfortunately, all legal CARS can transport up to 4 people. If there are 5 passengers, you will need a second car. (Except kids ages 1-6 Years old, max. 5 with kid or kids) or a Minivan- Minibus

7. Can I make a reservation such that I can have a CAR leased for as many days as I need continuously?
Certainly. Simply send us an e-mail containing the details of the reservation you are interested in.

8. I would also like to book my return. Is it possible?
Yes, there is no problem as far as you inform us with your reservation or 24 hours before.

9. I need a CAR in a few hours, can I make a reservation?
Yes, but instead of e-mail you must sent us a text message SMS or make a direct call. For e-mail confirmation we need 12-24 hours depending on the time difference.

10. Are you a license guide?
No, we can provide you with information about our culture, the sites, monuments and our city. We can provide information only inside the car; it is prohibited inside museums and archaeological sites. (All the information we will give you is in a legal book you get for FREE on every tour). If you want a Professional license Guide please let us knows.

11. The prices are in Euro?
All prices are in euro per vehicle-group, Taxi, Mini bus, Minivan and Limo and included toll roads and taxes.

12. Should I tip my Driver?
There is absolutely no obligation but it is at your discretion to do so.